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Expand the Creativity- Group Hypnosis + Sound Healing with Erika Spring

  • Maha Rose 97 Green street brooklyn, ny (map)

In this group hypnosis and sound healing, Morgan Yakus and musician Erika Spring (Au Revoir Simone) will work together to help you expand your creativity and vision. Tapping into the inner knowing of what you desire to share with the world. We will dialogue to remove the blocks, so you can be more confident in your choices and decision making process. This workshop will include tools to help become the best version of you post workshop. See your present and future path you would like to create, or shift the view from the present. This group hypnosis is designed to help, if you are feeling at a crossroads, in a holding pattern, creatively blocked, knowing the the next step or wanting to access your creativity. The hypnosis tools will also support you in creating trust during the decision making process. Therefore creating a sense of calm in your daily life. When you trust your self, the more empowered, stronger and happier you can be. All issues related to creativity, trusting yourself are welcome.  Join us and be guided by your own strengths, talents and gain clarity around your vision.

The hypnosis will be accompanied by a live soundscape from musician and Reiki master Erika Spring.  She will layer soft electronic wave forms to support participants and guide them into the theta state so they can connect with their subconscious.  Erika is a successful musician who has been composing and performing music for fourteen years as well as Reiki practitioner for five years. She has done work with hypnosis in her own healing journey and has benefitted immensely from both individual and group hypnosis, is looking forward to supporting this powerful work.