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Karma Clearing, Astrology + Hypnosis With Morgan Yakus and Leslie Galbraith

- Clearing the shadow of the imprint -

In this Karma clearing workshop you will learn how to read your birth chart and locate the North and South Node which correspond to the current karma you arrived with. We will bring awareness to the areas where there is a need to let go (South Node) of old outdated imprints and patterns that teach us lessons while opening up to the areas in which you need to move forward (North Node) for growth of your soul.

We will then go into a Group Hypnosis, which will create an opportunity to move toward your North Node while shifting out of old South Node patterns to accelerate growth and place you on your true path. This will clear all old patterns and implement new ones while simultaneously building trust with your North Node destiny patterns and learning to listen to yourself.

What is Astrology ? Is a symbolic language which translates the energetic imprint of planetary energy at the very moment we come into this world. The natal birth chart is our unique soul's map that brings awareness to our patterning, strengths and challenges.

What is Hypnosis ? The most accurate way to define hypnosis is to compare it to an interactive guided meditation. It is a natural state of mind. You don't have to work hard for hypnotherapy to be effective. In fact, just the opposite is true. All you need to do is relax and let it happen. Resolution and freedom can result in a more healthy body, mind and spirit. It is an altered state of consciousness and a heightened responsiveness to suggestion. Hypnosis is designed to communicate with the subconscious mind using images, sounds and feelings. While in this state you are fully in control and are aware of every moment you are creating.

$60 pre-register | $65 day of