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Winter Sonic Solstice Meditation

  • Private Residence Topanga, ca (map)

As were ending one cycle and beginning another, at the time of winter solstice and the holidays, take some time to honor and recalibrate yourself with a frequency bath. Singing bowls, gongs and rattles are among a few of the instruments used to weave a web of healing audible vibrations. The sound travels through your body clearing stagnant energy and raising your vibration tuning your frequency. Join Kassia Meador and Morgan Yakus in creating a mystical expression in sound, healing and active meditation.

In this active mediation, Morgan Yakus a modern hypnotist and sound artist Kasia Meador, will work together to support transformation, change, and the decisions we make from within. This workshop will include tools to transform and change your relationship to an issue or yourself and others. Which can be especially helpful around the holidays. We will embark on seeing your present and future paths as you would like to create or shift from your current perspective. This group journey is designed to help anyone who wants to create change and be in the flow of their daily life. Kassia will create a live auric soundscape, gently layering sound waves of crystal bowls, hand made instruments and the gong. Bringing in more calm and balance, when your balanced anything is possible and decisions and daily life are much smoother and lighter. When you flow with transformation, you can be authentically happier. Everyone welcome !

$25.00 / Sign Up Here