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  • Communion By Joy 6144 Washington Boulevard Culver City, CA, 90232 United States (map)

Join Morgan Yakus and Rhythms of Vision for a magical immersive evening of sound and voice. Morgan a modern hypnotist and active meditation teacher based in LA and NY, has worked all over the world teaching workshops which have a foundation of neuro science and keeping the brain in mind. Kassia Meador and Farmer Dave Scher both trained holographic sound practitioners create a new refreshing approach to the traditional medicine path and sound healing space, surfing the wave of sonic evolution with their therapeutic sound baths for the past seven years, in the true spirit of California .

A spellbinding meditation will be curated specifically for the evening sprinkled with magical adventures, coupled with waves of symphonic sound such as gentle layers of crystal bowls, hand made instruments, lemurian whale chants created by the lap steel and the gong which will travel through the body clearing stagnant energy, harmonizing vibration and attuning your frequency. Activating the right brain, creating a relaxing immersive experience for you to connect with your subconscious. Bringing you to a place to be more present, turning up the brightness on the future, clearly seeing and feeling that magic is all around us and it comes in big and small moments. We will enchant and activate your senses, leaving you with an illuminated expansion and a deep sense of knowing that inner and outer magic a foot.


RHYTHMS OF VISION is a collaboration between Kassia Meador and Farmer Dave Scher a multi-instrumentalist, Farmer Dave Scher is known for his textural lap steel guitar and keyboard playing , deriving themes and inspiration from forms and patterns existing in Nature, the cosmos, and beyond.  In addition to his involvement with The Skiffle Players, R.O.V. , Beachwood Sparks, All Night Radio, and his self-titled work, Scher has worked as a producer / touring / session musician with Animal Collective, Elvis Costello, Interpol, Jenny Lewis, Kurt Vile, Will Oldham, and many others.

Kassia Meador begun her wave riding journey 20 years ago traveling the world as a professional surfer. In 2008 she was introduced to Sound healing and in 2011 felt the call to start working in the vibrational therapy space. She has since become a Holographic Sound practitioner studying with Dr Paul Hubbard and studied Quantium Cranial Bio Sonics with John Beaulieu. She has brought her sound healing around the world, and has collaborated with celebrated events and organizations such as Summit Series, Soho House, Mercado Segrado, Rama Yoga Institute, Love Yoga and many others.