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  • Communion By Joy 6144 Washington Boulevard Culver City, CA, 90232 United States (map)

Join Morgan Yakus and Kassia Meador for a New Moon magical immersive evening of sound and voice. Morgan a modern hypnotist and active meditation teacher based in LA and NY, has worked all over the world teaching workshops which have a foundation of neuro science and keeping the brain in mind. In the past eight years Kassia a holographic sound practitioner and vibrational therapist, has held sacred sound space for groups and private clients. Her sound creations move through energetic blocks creating harmony, health and balance for her clients and the people around them.

A curated meditation specifically for the evening, coupled with waves of symphonic sound such as gentle layers of crystal bowls, hand made instruments and the gong will travel through the body clearing stagnant energy, raising the vibration and tuning your frequency. Activating the right brain, creating a relaxing immersive experience for you to connect with your subconscious. Bringing you to a place where you can release things no longer needed and gather resources from the future realigning your present self. For in order to create a future vision, the mind must see it first. Come explore your present and the future path you would like to create to shift the view from the present.

Kassia Meador the true spirit of California, Kassia Meador creates a new and refreshing approach to the traditional medicine path, surfing the wave of sonic evolution and transformation since 2012 with immersive sound bath experiences. Trained as a Holographic Sound Practitioner; Having brought sound baths to celebrated events and organizations as SUMMIT SERIES, SOHO HOUSE MALIBU, MERCADO SEGRADO, RAMA INSTITUTE, LOVE YOGA and many more… The work forms a bridge between ancient wisdom and our modern times.

Everything that exists is made of sound and vibration. Our bodies are 70% water, ideal conductors for transformative sonic experiences. Sound healing helps release the tension of day-to-day life and opens the door to enhanced intuition, improved immunity, better relationships, lower blood pressure, reduced stress hormones, stabilized moods, and better sleep. Through sonic vibration your brain will reach a deep healing theta state through a process called entrainment.  The tones and frequencies of the sound healing instruments we use work with your life force energy centers, helping to move a lot of energy quickly and clear any blockages.