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  • RA MA INSTITUTE 125 Stanton Street New York, NY, 10002 United States (map)

Morgan Yakus and Leslie Galbraith will come together to combine their alchemical skills to help you restructure your love archetypes based on your astrological chart and patterns you have created over time. Morgan Yakus a modern hypnotist and wellness expert based in LA and NY, will share her foundation in NLP, Mind Mapping and neuroscience techniques and Leslie is a NY, based astrologer who works with the energetic fields of planetary alignment. In this two hour workshop they will be bring awareness to your love and relationship patterns in your chart, gently creating a space for you to experience your full expression of love. Leslie will talk about the Moon and how it relates to our emotional needs, Venus our love needs and Mars what we desire. They will put you on the path to clearing out the old and designing new patterns of love through the awareness of your chart and a deep active meditation. Come join them in designing new love patterns in all areas of your life including partners, family and friends as to reflect the resonance of who you are now therefore attracting what you desire.

All attendees will need to email Leslie their birth time, location and date of birth no later than 2/3 at


Leslie Galbraith practices the sacred art of astrology. She uses the natal birth chart as a map of our soul's intent to bring awareness to the strengths and challenges we all have as well as looking at the karma of past life impressions in our current lifetime. Focusing on the position of planets today in relation to our natal birth chart can help to bring to light where we are at in our cycle of this beautiful joy called life.  

Later Event: February 8