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Obonjan Island, Croatia

Morgan Yakus and Shauna Cummins, Hypnotists from New York City, have come together to form UNLIMITED a collaboration of hypnosis inspired projects which include performances, salons and workshops. Their unique performances create an attention to detail and atmosphere that showcase the artful use of hypnotic language and voice, their verbal choreography works to eclipse the conscious barrier of the mind allowing the participants to process words in the theta brain wave state, therefore activating the imagination, invoking a sensorial experience of the mind.

The Dark Room Sound Sanctuary Chamber on Obonjan will host workshops and salons that use hypnotic language as an experience for optimal brain coherence and enhanced receptivity. The overall experience of the Dark Room Sound Sanctuary will provide a deep relaxing space for inner awareness and collective release, magnifying the calming energy of the island life. Upon entering the space, the light of a disco ball will create a star-lit entrancing and serene environment. The workshops in the chamber will combine ancient and modern techniques that leave guests renewed. Inspired by ancient sleep temples from Egypt and Greece, these temples were originally regarded as a healing place to access a trance-like states of meditation optimal for accessing higher states of consciousness. Inside the sleep temples participants would chant, dream, mediate and listen. Finding cures, solutions and reprieve from a variety of ailments. The Dark Room Sound Sanctury will be a modern chamber for deep relaxation and renewal, drawing from the inspiration of the ancient healing model.

The Sanctuary will have a curated series of recorded custom morning and evening meditations which will include i.e.: journey into space, recalibrating the body, calm mind, detox stress. Once the guests enter a black eye mask will be presented to them. Enabling the guests to hear without sight, creating an internal vision that allows the sound to become more in focus for an audio and visual listening exploration. Allowing the participants to deepen and explore their experience into their mind. The workshops and salons will feature a series of topics; success and money, past-life salon, trust and intuition, creativity and future-life progression with an overall focus on neuroplasticity. We will give people quick and easy techniques that can be used in their daily life, which will create a greater sense of well being and balance. During the workshops and meditations, guests will experience the vibration of trance and how it eclipses the conscious barrier into the subconscious mind using language, entering into the theta brainwave state. The Sanctuary will serve as an opportunity to hear their own mind and body as sound and metaphor. Inviting each individual to have their own journey, into their mind.