Self-Meditation is becoming more popular, its a step beyond listening to a mediation or just being the observer. This is a technique that anyone can use, to create positive feelings and shifts, In the past this meditation style technique has been used to reducing stress, feel more confident, sleep sounder, focus and become more calm and balanced in your everyday life. At minimum five minutes can be effective with this self-meditation, although I suggest a ten to twenty minutes. This process lets your brain and body know what you would like to create. All the while being aware of every moment you are creating.

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Find a quiet place and sit in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the floor. Find a spot above eye level to rest your eyes upon, this starts the relaxation process. Have a soft focus, and take in the whole room with out moving your eyes. Begin to expand your awareness out into the edges of the room with out moving your eyes or head. Imagine in your minds eye that you could fly above your house / apartment / building. Noticing in your minds eye what you can see, continuing to expand the view out even more (closing your eyes as soon as they feel relaxed this is the idea). Floating up even higher and gently landing into a place that you love i.e. mountain top, beach, forest, garden. 


State your goal and tell yourself the purpose of going into this meditation.

I am going into this meditative state for the purpose of _____________ .  (examples : calm mind, balanced body, clarity or working towards a goal)

During this process my mind will make the adjustments so that _____________ (example: calm mind, balanced body, clarity, happiness) occurs naturally and easily. 


As you are in this beautiful place you can start to notice :

  • Sounds you can hear ( 3 sounds)
  • Observing how the temperature, breeze and sun feels 
  • What you can see and notice about this place that is new and different,   plants,flowers, colors, textures etc...      
  • The feeling and textures of the ground below you
  • Repeat twice 


To utilize this self-meditation, tell yourself how you want to feel when you complete the process and how long you wish to be in meditation. "In five minutes, I'm going to feel __________".  ( calm, grounded, motivated, energized, balanced etc...) If your mind wanders, you can be an observer.


Enjoy the process! There is no right or wrong way. Be patient with yourself. There are so many uses for this technique, i.e. clarity, fun, balancing the body, calm mind, visualize yourself finishing a project, meeting, public speaking or interview. Have fun experimenting!

* Please do not use this technique while driving a car, give yourself a few min after the meditation to balance and ground, before moving on with your day.